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So you’ve got Technical debt… now what? Ward Cunningham coined the metaphor back in 1992, and it has since been taken on by the industry to describe the consequences of poor software architecture and bad coding. This website encourages a pragmatic view of technical debt, attempting to elevate the discussion from merely defining technical debt to finding approaches for business technology organizations to use technical debt awareness as a vehicle to fix fundamental problems

Recent blogs posts

Technical Debt Study

By Alexandra Szynkarski | March 3, 2014

Technical Debt Study
Research on Technical Debt helps us understand how to manage it better! If you deal with technical debt on a daily basis, spend 15 minutes filling in this quick survey : Dear Participant, In an effort to understand software practitioner perceptions of technical debt, we are requesting your participation in our research study. The goals of this study ... read more

Cost of Delay Due to Technical Debt

By Alexandra Szynkarski | February 14, 2014

Interesting post from Johanna Rothman about the cost of delay that technical debt can cause. She mentions three types of technical debt: Insufficiently automated build systems Insufficient automated tests System-level software flaws While we’re more accustomed to looking at the software flaws as the primary driver of technical debt, Johanna focused this post on a story about a large ... read more

Technical Debt

By Alexandra Szynkarski | December 4, 2013

This blog post just came to our attention, because of the issues experienced on Dec 2 at RBS and Natwest in the UK. This post cites a BBC article that predicted something like this happening back in January. It seems the accumulation of Technical Debt has reared its ugly head again in yet another major ... read more

The Debt Collectors

By Alexandra Szynkarski | November 13, 2013

Technical Debt Collectors
This is an entertaining parable about Technical Debt from a Gartner analyst who knows how much of it lurks in the halls of IT. Read the full article here: read more

5th International Workshop on Managing Technical Debt

By Alexandra Szynkarski | November 13, 2013

Update: Take a look at the presentations from some of the speakers in the industry, including Lockheed Martin, Siemens Healthcare, and IBM on how they manage and calculate Technical Debt. SEI is organizing a new workshop on managing Technical Debt, taking place in Baltimore, 9 October 2013. This workshop will re-group industry folk who deal with Technical Debt on ... read more

Technical Debt: Do Not Under-Estimate the Danger

By Alexandra Szynkarski | September 19, 2013

Technical Debt Don't underestimate the danger
We all know that going into financial debt can be risky when not managed correctly. And although the metaphor Technical Debt may seem like a more ambiguous topic, the same terms apply. Check out this great presentation from Lemi Orhan, Principal Engineer at Sony, who describes the pains and costs associated with taking on Technical Debt: ... read more