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So you’ve got Technical debt… now what? Ward Cunningham coined the metaphor back in 1992, and it has since been taken on by the industry to describe the consequences of poor software architecture and bad coding. This website encourages a pragmatic view of technical debt, attempting to elevate the discussion from merely defining technical debt to finding approaches for business technology organizations to use technical debt awareness as a vehicle to fix fundamental problems

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The Symptoms and Causes of Technical Debt

By Frances Lash | October 5, 2015

In the development cycle there are many places where technical debt can rear its head and cause problems down the line for the product you’re developing. In order to tackle the problem of technical debt first teams need to know what it’s comprised of, how to identify it, and, then, how to address it’s presence ... read more

The Prisoner’s Dilemma and Technical Debt

By Frances Lash | October 1, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 9.03.32 PM
The prisoner’s dilemma is a great theoretical game showing the value in cooperation. If you’re new to the concept it works like this: Two prisoner’s are held in two different rooms each being questioned for the same crime. Each one is told that if they sell out the other they will be set free and the ... read more

In Praise of Doing Agile the Right Way

By Frances Lash | September 17, 2015

Agile has become an increasingly useful methodology for CIOs who need to meet the rapidly evolving demands of digital businesses. Where other traditional methods, like waterfall, failed to be responsive enough for the new digital environment that these businesses operate in – agile has been able to fill that void. However, the most important thing to ... read more

Technical Debt Build-Up Fueled By Unfettered DevOps Practices

By Frances Lash | July 30, 2015

What would you do if you found out that a major American automobile manufacturer knowingly picked from 27 versions of outdated, under-performing, and poorly built mufflers to place in a brand new model of a car? You would most likely respond in outrage if the product you are purchasing is being compromised by one component that ... read more

Technical Debt, Transparency, and the Iron Triangle of Development

By Frances Lash | July 21, 2015

Technical debt, Software Development, Software Quality
There are a lot of blog posts floating around out there that try to talk about technical debt in a new and interesting way. Few actually achieve this goal. There’s not much you can add to a concept that has been explained over and over again. This podcast with Microsoft veteran exec, Bill Bliss, gives ... read more

How the Public Sector is Dealing with their Legacy Systems

By Frances Lash | July 20, 2015

There’s a new wind blowing in technology, specifically in the public sector, on how to handle the crossroads between systems that have been around for decades and upgrading to the latest wave of new technologies. While this is a concern in every organization where technology is central to their functions (which in this day and age ... read more