CRASH Report Exposes Millions in Quality Debt

By On December 15, 2011 At 9:24 pm

CRASH-Technical Debt

CRASH-Technical Debt

CAST has recently published its second annual study of internal software quality trends in IT: the CRASH Report (CAST Report on Application Software Health) 2011-2012. It has reported that organizations are squandering millions of dollars debt due to issues in their application software – issues that could have been eliminated during pre-production had proper structural assessments taken place. The study is the largest ever conducted and used automated analysis to measure the structural quality of 365 million lines of code within 745 IT applications used by 160 companies throughout 10 industries. Using a conservative calculation, CAST still determines that applications carry on average $3.61 of technical debt per line of code.

The CAST OnQuality blog also featured a three-part special “CRASH Course” which gives insight into some of the data analysis presented in the report: part 1 talks about the confirmed findings in the report, part 2 on new insights, and finally part 3 is dedicated to Technical Debt.

The report is making a lot of noise and has been discussed in several interesting articles. I recommend reading the following:

Download the free executive summary of the CRASH Report here.

7 Steps to Pay Down the Interest on Your IT Technical Debt
Learn how to handle “Technical Debt”

In 2011, there were more IT system failures, outages and data breaches occurred than any previous year since the dawn of the age of technology. And while some of these issues could be traced to intentional and malicious undermining of systems, many, if not most, had some measure of application software failure or weakness at their root.

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