SPLASH – Technical Debt Workshop

By On June 7, 2013 At 2:54 pm


The SPLASH conference is holding a Technical Debt workshop on Monday, 27 October, 2013 in Indianapolis. The goal of the workshop is to explore the sources of Technical Debt and some of the best practices for keeping Technical Debt under control.

Presented by people from the industry (including Dennis Mancl from Alcatel-Lucent, Steven D. Fraser from Cisco Systems, and Bill Opdyke from JP Morgan Chase), this workshop shows that Technical Debt is an important issue in long-term software product development, and should be managed corrected to keep Technical Debt from causing development gridlock. They will discuss some approaches to taking on Technical Debt from systems large and small.

For more information on the event, visit:  http://splashcon.org/2013/program/841

In conjunction with the workshop there will also be a 2-hour Technical Debt Panel on Tuesday, 28 Octoberhttp://splashcon.org/2013/program/927.

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