Technical Debt: How Much is it Really Costing

By On February 20, 2012 At 8:48 am

Technical Debt Cost

Technical Debt Cost

How much Technical Debt do we have? How do we quantify the cost? How do we measure the interest accumulated or paid off?

These are probably the most difficult questions to answer when it comes to Technical Debt. The annual CRASH Report published by CAST reports $3.61 of Technical Debt per line of code in an average application. This report gives a proxy to the level of problems carried in software code, but different types of Technical Debt do exist, and these different types of debt will not necessarily have the same cost.

This blog post from Jim Bird, experienced software development manager, lists the corresponding costs of Technical Debt that could have been accumulated in a software project. Read it here.

7 Steps to Pay Down the Interest on Your IT Technical Debt
Learn how to handle “Technical Debt”

In 2011, there were more IT system failures, outages and data breaches occurred than any previous year since the dawn of the age of technology. And while some of these issues could be traced to intentional and malicious undermining of systems, many, if not most, had some measure of application software failure or weakness at their root.

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