Identifying and Measuring Technical Debt – IEEE Software & Boeing

By • June 22, 2012

Identify & Measuring Technical Debt Webinar

Below is an updated set of slides from a webinar presented by IEEE Software and Boeing on how to identify and manage technical debt. … read more


Technical Debt & Requirements

By • June 6, 2012

Technical Debt and Requirements

Technical debt is often characterized as design or code tradeoffs. At the 3rd International Workshop on Managing Technical Debt, Neil Ernst discussed how shortcuts … read more


Paying Down the Interest on your IT Technical Debt — CAST

By • May 14, 2012

Bill Curtis - Technical Debt

Dr. Bill Curtis – Senior Vice President and Chief Scientist with CAST – lays out the “Technical Debt Management Cycle”, a 7-step process for … read more


Managing Technical Debt — 2012 Atlanta Scrum Gathering

By • May 10, 2012

Technical Debt-Scrum Agile Gathering

This presentation is from Fadi Stephan, agile coach, trainer and consultant with Washington-DC based Excella, and was presented at the 2012 Atlanta Scrum Gathering.
Managing … read more


Managing Software Debt, Workshop at Intel — Chris Sterling

By • April 5, 2012

This is a presentation from Chris Sterling, author of Managing Software Debt: Building for Inevitable Change.
The presentation comes from his workshop with Agile Advantage … read more


How to Monetize Your Application Technical Debt — Dr. Bill Curtis, Chief Scientist at CAST

By • December 30, 2011

Monetize Your Technical Debt

Technical Debt has been growing exponentially as maintenance is starved and development teams are forced to cut corners to meet … read more


Technical Debt: Why You Should Care – Ci&T

By • December 7, 2011

This SlideShare presentation from Ci&T shows the different types of Technical Debt that exist in our software code, focusing mainly on how to manage … read more


Technical Debt: The Silent Application Killer – ThoughtWorks

By • December 6, 2011

This SlideShare presentation from Graham Brooks (ThoughtWorks) explains why Technical Debt is an important concept to understand, as well as the different strategies that … read more


The Technical Debt Trap – Michael J Norton

By • December 6, 2011

This SlideShare presentation from Michael J Norton (LeanDog LLC) shows the important strategic decisions when it comes to controlling and reducing Technical Debt in … read more


Credit Crunch Code: Paying Back the Technical Debt – Gary Short

By • November 30, 2011

This is a SlideShare presentation from Gary Short (DevExpress Evanglist) on Technical Debt. Unlike other presentations, this one will help you in quantifying your … read more