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Managing Technical Debt At Google

By Frances Lash • May 6, 2015

This post is based on an interesting paper about managing technical debt at Google.
The corporation’s source code is more than hundreds of millions LOC … read more


Technical Debt vs. Product Design Debt

By Frances Lash • March 31, 2015

This post speaks about two different types of development debt that are caused by various agile practices or incrementalism. The outcome of these practices … read more


Inheriting Bad Code: How to Fix and Prevent it

By Frances Lash • December 16, 2014

Tech Debt Management Process

In this presentation by Kimber Lockhart, as part of the Hack Summit (the virtual conference for programers), she discusses what to do once you’ve … read more


Software Process and Measurement Cast 301: Technical Debt Essay

By Frances Lash • August 19, 2014

Here’s a podcast of an essay on technical debt that delves into the reality of using technical debt and the payment of that debt. … read more


Webinar – Strategic Management of Architectural Technical Debt (SEI Agile Forum)

By Alexandra Szynkarski • August 3, 2012

SEI Agile Research

Ipek Ozkaya (senior member of the SEI technical staff) recently held a webinar for the SEI Agile Discussion Forum where she presented the relationship between … read more


Identifying and Measuring Technical Debt – IEEE Software & Boeing

By Alexandra Szynkarski • June 22, 2012

Identify & Measuring Technical Debt Webinar

Below is an updated set of slides from a webinar presented by IEEE Software and Boeing on how to identify and manage technical debt. … read more


Technical Debt & Requirements

By Alexandra Szynkarski • June 6, 2012

Technical Debt and Requirements

Technical debt is often characterized as design or code tradeoffs. At the 3rd International Workshop on Managing Technical Debt, Neil Ernst discussed how shortcuts … read more


CIO Conference – Driving Down Business Risks by Managing IT Technical Debt

By Alexandra Szynkarski • May 16, 2012

CAST-Technical debt

Date: Wednesday, May 30, 2012
Location: Brussels, Belgium
The annual CIO Conference provides the opportunity to hear from C-level executives on the importance of IT technical … read more


Software Experts Summit 2012 – Mastering Uncertainty in the Software Industry

By Alexandra Szynkarski • May 15, 2012

IEEE Computer Society-Technical Debt

The IEEE Computer Society and IEEE Software magazine come together once a year to present a one-day Software Experts Summit. This year’s summit will … read more


Paying Down the Interest on your IT Technical Debt — CAST

By Alexandra Szynkarski • May 14, 2012

Bill Curtis - Technical Debt

Dr. Bill Curtis – Senior Vice President and Chief Scientist with CAST – lays out the “Technical Debt Management Cycle”, a 7-step process for … read more