White Papers

Paying Down the Technical Debt Interest on your Applications — Dr. Bill Curtis

By Alexandra Szynkarski • March 30, 2012

Bill Curtis-Paying Down Interest on Technical Debt Applications

A Guide to Measuring & Managing Technical Debt
In this just-released white paper, Dr. Bill Curtis – SVP and Chief Scientist at CAST – examines … read more


How to Monetize Application Technical Debt — Gartner & CAST

By Alexandra Szynkarski • January 1, 2012

This is a Gartner-CAST newsletter which shows the data-driven approach to balancing delivery agility with business risk. The paper features exclusive analysis from Andy … read more


Measuring Technical Debt — North Carolina State University

By Alexandra Szynkarski • December 15, 2011

This paper was published by Patrick Morrison, computer science PHD student at the North Carolina State University. It examines how the metaphor has been … read more


To Pay or Not to Pay Design Debt — IEEE Computing Society

By Alexandra Szynkarski • December 14, 2011

Ward Cunningham coined the term technical debt as a metaphor for the trade-off between writing clean code at higher cost and delayed delivery, and writing messy … read more


Managing Technical Debt in Software-Reliant Systems — SEI

By Alexandra Szynkarski • December 12, 2011

Each year the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) brings together a panel of Technical Debt experts (Ward Cunningham, Steve McConnell, Israel Gat, to name a … read more


Delving into Technical Debt — Cutter Consortium

By Alexandra Szynkarski • December 11, 2011

CC-Technical Debt

Cutter Consortium has released an Executive Update on their paper, “Delving into Technical Debt”, written by Israel Gat and Chris Sterling. For a free … read more


Seven Strategies for Quality Debt — Dominion Digital

By Alexandra Szynkarski • December 9, 2011

DDIG-Technical Debt

In this paper, Ryan Shriver, leader of Dominion Digital‘s IT Performance Improvement solutions, introduces us to technical debt, including common symptoms of organizations suffering … read more