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Technical Debt in Legacy Functionality: Prevent Accrued Interest

IT leader and Agile expert, Scott Ambler is best known for his Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD) framework and helps organizations from around the world … read more

How To Reduce Technical Debt? A Free Guide By Deloitte Consulting

This Free 8 Page Deloitte Consulting Report Provides Insight Into: How large companies handle “Technical Debt”, 6 steps to manage technical debt effectively, Combating system complexity, A NASA project case study, & The impact on the quality of your business-critical applications. read more

Paying Down the Technical Debt Interest on your Applications — Dr. Bill Curtis

In this just-released white paper, Dr. Bill Curtis – SVP and Chief Scientist at CAST – examines the Technical Debt metaphor to explain how it can be used to help executives think about software quality in business terms while governing software changeability and maintainability of their application portfolios. read more

How to Monetize Application Technical Debt — Gartner & CAST

This is a Gartner-CAST newsletter which shows the data-driven approach to balancing delivery agility with business risk. The paper features exclusive analysis from Andy Ktye, Gartner VP and Fellow who eloquently illustrates the systemic risk in the application portfolio caused by the accumulation of Technical Debt over the last decade. read more

Measuring Technical Debt — North Carolina State University

This paper was published by Patrick Morrison, computer science PHD student at the North Carolina State University. It examines how the metaphor has been used and defined, and it surveys past and present measures of software product, process and people, with an eye towards their use in a quantitative definition of Technical Debt. read more

To Pay or Not to Pay Design Debt — IEEE Computing Society

Ward Cunningham coined the term technical debt as a metaphor for the trade-off between writing clean code at higher cost and delayed delivery, and writing messy code cheap and fast at the cost of higher maintenance efforts once it’s shipped. Most agree that Technical Debt needs to be payed off at one point or another. But the question remains: when? and how? read more

Managing Technical Debt in Software-Reliant Systems — SEI

Each year the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) brings together a panel of Technical Debt experts (Ward Cunningham, Steve McConnell, Israel Gat, to name a few) in a workshop that aims at studying and improving the handling of Technical Debt. read more

Delving into Technical Debt — Cutter Consortium

Many of the findings and the recommendations we make in Cutter technical debt engagements are broadly applicable in concept, if not in detail. There is commonality in the nature of the hot spots we typically find, the mal-practices we identify as the root causes and the ways we go about reducing the “heat.” read more

Seven Strategies for Quality Debt — Dominion Digital

In this paper, Ryan Shriver, leader of Dominion Digital‘s IT Performance Improvement solutions, introduces us to technical debt, including common symptoms of organizations suffering under it. You’ll learn the basic steps to set up a repayment plan, the common causes of technical debt and effective strategies for paying it down. read more