Webinar – Get Smart about Technical Debt: Software Analysis & Measurement

By On April 2, 2012 At 8:43 am

CAST Technical Debt Webinar

Industry research shows the average business application carries as much as $2 million in Technical Debt.  Analysts at Gartner estimate industry IT debt at $500 billion—and on target to reach $1 trillion by 2015. One of the analysts behind this estimate was on hand for a webinar, held by CAST, to explain the growing phenomenon.  David Norton of Gartner Research spoke about the importance of Software Analysis & Measurement to manage your Technical Debt and how to:

  • Measure debt continuously to control TCO of the application lifecycle
  • Include debt measurement in project management and prioritization
  • Push conversations on Agile on measuring and managing technical debt
  • Help you explain the business value of debt control to executive stakeholder

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