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Technical Embezzlement: Technical Debt Without Agreement

By Frances Lash • March 17, 2015

This post describes a new term related to technical debt: technical embezzlement. In order to further define the term, building off of technical debt … read more


How DevOps Can Cut Innovation-Crushing Technical Debt

By Frances Lash • February 23, 2015

In this post, technical debt management is looked at from a DevOps approach. Technical debt is defined here, as the price organizations pay when … read more


Microservices Architecture & Reducing Technical Debt

By Frances Lash • February 13, 2015

Paying off technical debt, according to this post, can be made easier with microservices architecture. When building a code base, eventually, trade-offs between quality … read more


What’s Your IBM i Application Debt? – How To Start App Modernization

By Frances Lash • December 26, 2014

In a survey conducted by Micro Focus it was estimated that mainframe shops around the world average around $11 million in application debt; the … read more


Technical Debt: What, Why, and How

By Frances Lash • June 25, 2014

Here’s post that was cited in the article we recommended previously (Architectural Debt and Moving to Software-defined Architectures) that gives a clear and detailed description … read more


IBM Virtual Event – Looking inside the Box, an Important Application Testing Complement

By Alexandra Szynkarski • April 4, 2012

IBM Innovation Series on Technical Debt

What is contributing to the $2.4M in technical debt in an average application of 510K lines of code?
Less than 30% of production failures are … read more


Part I: Practical Examples of Paying Down Technical Debt

By Robert Seder • March 21, 2012

Technical Debt-Code-Example 5

There is a fantastic book out called Brownfield Application Development, by Donald Belcham and Kyle Baley. This book talks about software changeability and software … read more


Dealing with Technical Debt, an Agile Horror Story

By Alexandra Szynkarski • December 14, 2011

Technical Debt Horror Story with Agile

Mark J Balbes has an excellent article which talks about his experience with Technical Debt and how his team of engineering experts found themselves … read more


Technical Debt: The Silent Application Killer – ThoughtWorks

By Alexandra Szynkarski • December 6, 2011

This SlideShare presentation from Graham Brooks (ThoughtWorks) explains why Technical Debt is an important concept to understand, as well as the different strategies that … read more


Podcast — Technical Debt, with Elizabeth Naramore

By Alexandra Szynkarski • September 6, 2011

Speaker: Elizabeth Naramore, PHP Community Manager at Engine Yard
Technical debt is something that most project teams or independent developers have to deal with – we take shortcuts … read more