Time to Start Estimating Technical Debt

By • October 29, 2012

IEEE Software Technical Debt Edition

Last week IEEE Software published a special edition for their Nov/Dec issue, dedicated to Technical Debt! My colleagues and I at CAST Research Labs … read more


Technical Debt: How Much is it Really Costing

By • February 20, 2012

Technical Debt Cost

How much Technical Debt do we have? How do we quantify the cost? How do we measure the interest accumulated or paid off?
These are … read more


Webinar – The CRASH Report 2011/2012

By • December 19, 2011

CRASH Report-Technical Debt

In this webinar, Dr. Bill Curtis, Senior Vice-President and Chief-Scientist at CAST Software, discusses the recently published study of software quality trends in IT: … read more


CRASH Report Exposes Millions in Quality Debt

By • December 15, 2011

CRASH-Technical Debt

CAST has recently published its second annual study of internal software quality trends in IT: the CRASH Report (CAST Report on Application Software Health) … read more