Internal Software Quality

Technical Debt – A Quick Overview

By Alexandra Szynkarski • May 31, 2012

Technical Debt

What is Technical Debt?
Technical Debt, also known as Software Debt, is a metaphor that highlights the compromises made by IT organizations between short-term gains … read more


Exploring the Concept of Technical Debt

By Alexandra Szynkarski • April 26, 2012

One of the interesting things about the “Technical Debt” concept is seeing how it evolves and moves forward in the software engineering world. Of … read more


CRASH Report Exposes Millions in Quality Debt

By Alexandra Szynkarski • December 15, 2011

CRASH-Technical Debt

CAST has recently published its second annual study of internal software quality trends in IT: the CRASH Report (CAST Report on Application Software Health) … read more


What the New York Giants can teach us about Software Quality

By Alexandra Szynkarski • December 14, 2011

Software Quality-Technical Debt

Is there a winning formula to reaching a state of reduced Technical Debt and optimal internal software quality? Jonathan Bloom thinks we could learn … read more