Israel Gat

Roundtable – When Technical Debt meets “Life”

By • December 19, 2011

Cutter Consortium-Technical Debt

This year’s Cutter Consortium Summit held a special round table discussion on Technical Debt – When Technical Debt meets “Life”. It took place on … read more


Workshop – Third International Workshop on Managing Technical Debt

By • December 16, 2011

SEI-Technical Debt

As part of the annual ICSE Event, The Software Engineering Institute (SEI) will be holding their third annual workshop on managing Technical Debt, this … read more


Delving into Technical Debt — Cutter Consortium

By • December 11, 2011

CC-Technical Debt

Many of the findings and the recommendations we make in Cutter technical debt engagements are broadly applicable in concept, if not in detail. There is commonality in the nature of the hot spots we typically find, the mal-practices we identify as the root causes and the ways we go about reducing the “heat.” read more


Webinar – Israel Gat on Technical Debt

By • December 9, 2011

Israel Gat-Technical Debt

The Software Process and Measurement Cast featured an interview with Israel Gat, Practice Director for the Cutter Agile Practice. In this podcast, they explored … read more