Israel Gat

Roundtable – When Technical Debt meets “Life”

By Alexandra Szynkarski • December 19, 2011

Cutter Consortium-Technical Debt

This year’s Cutter Consortium Summit held a special round table discussion on Technical Debt – When Technical Debt meets “Life”. It took place on … read more


Workshop – Third International Workshop on Managing Technical Debt

By Alexandra Szynkarski • December 16, 2011

SEI-Technical Debt

As part of the annual ICSE Event, The Software Engineering Institute (SEI) will be holding their third annual workshop on managing Technical Debt, this … read more


Delving into Technical Debt — Cutter Consortium

By Alexandra Szynkarski • December 11, 2011

CC-Technical Debt

Cutter Consortium has released an Executive Update on their paper, “Delving into Technical Debt”, written by Israel Gat and Chris Sterling. For a free … read more


Webinar – Israel Gat on Technical Debt

By Alexandra Szynkarski • December 9, 2011

Israel Gat-Technical Debt

The Software Process and Measurement Cast featured an interview with Israel Gat, Practice Director for the Cutter Agile Practice. In this podcast, they explored … read more