Technical Debt: Paying Back Your Creditors

By • June 10, 2013

Swimming in Technical Debt

Would you still go for a swim if you saw that sign on the beach?
Probably not.
Most people would agree that a swim in the … read more


“IT Organizations Have Far Too Much Technical Debt”

By • October 22, 2012

Bill Curtis-Technical Debt

Dr. Bill Curtis, Senior VP and Chief Scientist at CAST, explains in this interview that we need to measure the structural quality of business … read more


Software Experts Summit 2012 – Mastering Uncertainty in the Software Industry

By • May 15, 2012

IEEE Computer Society-Technical Debt

The IEEE Computer Society and IEEE Software magazine come together once a year to present a one-day Software Experts Summit. This year’s summit will … read more


Technical Debt: When Metaphors go Wrong

By • December 11, 2011

Technical Debt Metaphor

Ward Cunningham introduced the software debt metaphor almost 20 years ago and today the term “Technical Debt” has become a well-known metaphor in the … read more