Software Process and Measurement Cast 301: Technical Debt Essay

By Frances Lash • August 19, 2014

Here’s a podcast of an essay on technical debt that delves into the reality of using technical debt and the payment of that debt. … read more


Podcast – Ted Theodoropoulos, Technical Debt

By • January 5, 2012

Ted Theodoropoulus, technical Debt

This podcast features an interview from Thomas Cagley’s Software Process and Measurement blog, with Ted Theodoropoulos, current president of Acrowire. This is a fantastic … read more


Podcast – Getting a lesson about Technical Debt from Gary Short

By • December 9, 2011

Technical Debt

If you’re looking to get the basics on Technical Debt, this is a great podcast to listen to as it is focused on delivery … read more


Webinar – Israel Gat on Technical Debt

By • December 9, 2011

Israel Gat-Technical Debt

The Software Process and Measurement Cast featured an interview with Israel Gat, Practice Director for the Cutter Agile Practice. In this podcast, they explored … read more


Podcast — Technical Debt, with Elizabeth Naramore

By • September 6, 2011

Speaker: Elizabeth Naramore, PHP Community Manager at Engine Yard
Technical debt is something that most project teams or independent developers have to deal with – we take shortcuts … read more