Quality Debt

Technical Debt – Why not just do the work better?

By Frances Lash • August 25, 2014

Here is a post that answers the question: why not just do the work better in order to avoid technical debt? Here it is … read more


Are We There Yet? Thoughts on Technical Debt Research and Practice

By Zadia Codabux • July 26, 2013

The strategic management of technical debt has gained visibility with the increase in popularity of agile methods. Consequently, it is of extreme importance to … read more


Chris Sterling: How to Approach Software Debt in an Agile Environment

By Alexandra Szynkarski • November 26, 2012

ChrisSterling_Software Debt

Welcome to the OnTechnicalDebt Expert Interview Series. This month’s interview focuses on discussing the ways in which different areas of software debt can be tracked, particularly in … read more


Managing Software Debt, Workshop at Intel — Chris Sterling

By Alexandra Szynkarski • April 5, 2012

This is a presentation from Chris Sterling, author of Managing Software Debt: Building for Inevitable Change.
The presentation comes from his workshop with Agile Advantage … read more


CRASH Report Exposes Millions in Quality Debt

By Alexandra Szynkarski • December 15, 2011

CRASH-Technical Debt

CAST has recently published its second annual study of internal software quality trends in IT: the CRASH Report (CAST Report on Application Software Health) … read more


Seven Strategies for Quality Debt — Dominion Digital

By Alexandra Szynkarski • December 9, 2011

DDIG-Technical Debt

In this paper, Ryan Shriver, leader of Dominion Digital‘s IT Performance Improvement solutions, introduces us to technical debt, including common symptoms of organizations suffering … read more


Identifying, Measuring, Reducing & Avoiding Technical Debt – Agile Institute

By Alexandra Szynkarski • November 6, 2011

This SlideShare presentation from the Agile Institute presents the concept behind Technical Debt and the differences behind quality debt, design debt, and testing debt.

Technical … read more