Chris Sterling: How to Approach Software Debt in an Agile Environment

By • November 26, 2012

ChrisSterling_Software Debt

Welcome to the OnTechnicalDebt Expert Interview Series. This month’s interview focuses on discussing the ways in which different areas of software debt can be tracked, particularly in … read more


Steve McConnell: How to Categorize & Communicate Technical Debt

By • July 30, 2012

Steve McConnell technical debt

Welcome to the OnTechnicalDebt Expert Interview Series. This interview focuses on how Technical Debt can be categorized to help business organizations face the challenges of … read more


Managing Technical Debt — 2012 Atlanta Scrum Gathering

By • May 10, 2012

Technical Debt-Scrum Agile Gathering

This presentation is from Fadi Stephan, agile coach, trainer and consultant with Washington-DC based Excella, and was presented at the 2012 Atlanta Scrum Gathering.
Managing … read more


ScrumMaster Tales on Technical Debt

By • February 28, 2012

Technical Debt ScrumMaster Tales

This blog post from Mark Levison, ScrumMaster at Agile Pain Relief Consulting, is part of a series called “ScrumMaster Tales” where his team discovers … read more


Podcast – Ted Theodoropoulos, Technical Debt

By • January 5, 2012

Ted Theodoropoulus, technical Debt

This podcast features an interview from Thomas Cagley’s Software Process and Measurement blog, with Ted Theodoropoulos, current president of Acrowire. This is a fantastic … read more


Paper – Special Issue on Technical Debt

By • December 16, 2011

IEEE Computer Society-Technical Debt

IEEE Software is seeking submissions for a special issue on technical debt in software development.
Possible topics include:

Definitions, models, or theories behind the concept of … read more


Webinar – Technical Debt: The High Cost of Future Change

By • December 15, 2011

Collabnet-Technical Debt

In this session, held on December 10, 2011, long-time developer and recovering software architect Michael James explores recent discoveries about technical debt, and what … read more


Technical Debt & Scrum

By • December 12, 2011

Scrum and Technical Debt

The question raised in this post is: what is the real relationship between Scrum and Technical Debt? Does Scrum incur more Technical Debt? Or … read more


Technical Debt: Why You Should Care – Ci&T

By • December 7, 2011

This SlideShare presentation from Ci&T shows the different types of Technical Debt that exist in our software code, focusing mainly on how to manage … read more