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Technical Debt in Legacy Functionality: Prevent Accrued Interest

By Jodi Rosenblum • May 17, 2018

Technical Debt

IT leader and Agile expert, Scott Ambler is best known for his Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD) framework and helps organizations from around the world … read more


Innovating While Maintaining Stability: A Lesson From Technical Debt

By Frances Lash • November 30, 2016

A while ago we published a post on IDC predictions that the bi-modal IT approach is a recipe for disaster. There are different opinions … read more


Meta-Architecture: The Solution to Architecture Technical Debt?

By Frances Lash • July 11, 2014

One of the mantras of Agile development teams is to do “just good enough” to get the job done. This is what drives the … read more


Technical Debt for the Businessman

By • June 14, 2013

The great thing about the term Technical Debt is that it’s easily understood by all stakeholders in a company. For those that do not … read more


Can Technical Debt Be Quantified? The Limits And Promise Of The Metaphor

By • March 19, 2013

Quantifying Technical Debt

Anyone whose professional life has intersected with the technical debt metaphor knows its power: the simple proposition that such a thing exists opens up a … read more


Presentation: Managing Technical Debt

By • January 14, 2013

Managing Technical Debt

Living with Technical Debt is possible, as long as it is measured and monitored correctly. This presentation from Sam Pullara (to the First Round … read more


Webinar – Strategic Management of Architectural Technical Debt (SEI Agile Forum)

By • August 3, 2012

SEI Agile Research

Ipek Ozkaya (senior member of the SEI technical staff) recently held a webinar for the SEI Agile Discussion Forum where she presented the relationship between … read more


Steve McConnell: How to Categorize & Communicate Technical Debt

By • July 30, 2012

Steve McConnell technical debt

Welcome to the OnTechnicalDebt Expert Interview Series. This interview focuses on how Technical Debt can be categorized to help business organizations face the challenges of … read more


How to Measure Technical Debt

By • December 15, 2011

Technical Debt

IT projects more than often need to cut corners on software architecture in order to stick to certain deadlines. The costs of these shortcuts … read more


The Ticking Time Bomb of Technical Debt

By • December 14, 2011

Time Bomb of Technical Debt

Gartner has predicted that the amount of technical debt in software architecture will break the trillion dollar mark in the next 15 years. That’s … read more