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The Conflict Between Regulatory Compliance and Velocity

By Frances Lash • June 15, 2015

Regulation is a fact for every financial institution, which can be a challenge when competitive pressures are mounting –  but this is no more … read more


Technical Debt: What it is and why should you care?

By Frances Lash • December 1, 2014

Technical debt is often directly responsible for many problems that occur when building high quality software quickly – especially as companies move towards more … read more


Technical Debt: Do’s and Don’ts

By Frances Lash • September 2, 2014

This is a kind of ‘wiki-how’ on how to manage technical debt in an agile environment – the right way. Not that there is … read more


Feature Toggles are one of the worst kinds of Technical Debt

By Frances Lash • August 20, 2014

This is great post about how technical debt can accumulate when employing feature flags or toggles into mainline code as a shortcut to release. … read more


Visualizing Technical Debt

By Tomas Malmsten • April 2, 2013

Visualizing Technical Debt

Technical Debt is something most teams struggle with in one way or other. One of the more common issues I encounter is how to visualize the actual … read more


Masterclass: Reducing Technical Debt with Michael C. Feathers

By Alexandra Szynkarski • November 30, 2012

Working Effectively With Legacy Code

Michael Feathers is hosting a Masterclass on Reducing Technical Debt in London, UK on Tuesday, 26 January and Wednesday, 27 February, 2013.
This Masterclass is aimed to … read more


Exploring the Concept of Technical Debt

By Alexandra Szynkarski • April 26, 2012

One of the interesting things about the “Technical Debt” concept is seeing how it evolves and moves forward in the software engineering world. Of … read more


What should be classified as Technical Debt?

By Alexandra Szynkarski • March 13, 2012

Technical Debt Quadrant from Martin Fowler

A couple of years back, Martin Fowler wrote an article – “Technical Debt Quadrant” – about what should and shouldn’t be classified as Technical … read more


ScrumMaster Tales on Technical Debt

By Alexandra Szynkarski • February 28, 2012

Technical Debt ScrumMaster Tales

This blog post from Mark Levison, ScrumMaster at Agile Pain Relief Consulting, is part of a series called “ScrumMaster Tales” where his team discovers … read more


Technical Debt: How Much is it Really Costing

By Alexandra Szynkarski • February 20, 2012

Technical Debt Cost

How much Technical Debt do we have? How do we quantify the cost? How do we measure the interest accumulated or paid off?
These are … read more