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Technical Debt – Breaking the Poor Development Cycle

By • April 30, 2014

A comprehensive treatment of the cost and impact of technical debt on the developer, the team and the mission. This post illustrates the vicious … read more


Technical Debt for the Businessman

By • June 14, 2013

The great thing about the term Technical Debt is that it’s easily understood by all stakeholders in a company. For those that do not … read more


Technical Debt Twitter Event #boxchat

By • April 29, 2013

Box UK Technical Debt

For those that use Twitter regularly, Box UK will be hosting a #boxchat Twitter discussion on Thursday, May 2 at 1pm EDT dedicated to our favorite … read more


Visualizing Technical Debt

By • April 2, 2013

Visualizing Technical Debt

Technical Debt is something most teams struggle with in one way or other. One of the more common issues I encounter is how to visualize the actual … read more


Technical Debt: Naughty or Nice?

By • January 7, 2013

Many years ago I was working with a very large customer, both from user-base and traffic perspective, with a pretty interesting business model at … read more


Technical Debt Folklore – “All technical debt is intentional”

By • December 5, 2012

Some months ago we presented three webinars to Lockheed Martin, IEEE, and Boeing on current research in automated identification of Technical Debt through code … read more


Elizabeth Naramore on Technical Debt

By • September 28, 2012

I recently came across this video of Elizabeth Naramore (PHP community manager) talking about Software Debt at the Atlanta PHP User Group presentation (Sept 6, … read more