Software Maintainability

Effective Teams; Always Releasable

By Frances Lash • July 3, 2014

Here is a short and sweet post in a series about effective development teams. The content of the article is pretty standard technical debt … read more


Reducing Technical Debt… Encouraging Software Developers to Document Code

By Frances Lash • June 23, 2014

Documentation debt is often overlooked by software developers and this post provides efficient ways of using persuasive technology (which is computer technology designed with … read more


Steve McConnell: How to Categorize & Communicate Technical Debt

By Alexandra Szynkarski • July 30, 2012

Steve McConnell technical debt

Welcome to the OnTechnicalDebt Expert Interview Series. This interview focuses on how Technical Debt can be categorized to help business organizations face the challenges of … read more


Technical Debt – A Quick Overview

By Alexandra Szynkarski • May 31, 2012

Technical Debt

What is Technical Debt?
Technical Debt, also known as Software Debt, is a metaphor that highlights the compromises made by IT organizations between short-term gains … read more


Dr. Dobb’s Interview with Ward Cunningham

By Alexandra Szynkarski • May 22, 2012

DrDobbs-Ward Cunningham-Technical Debt

Ward Cunningham is known for the creation of the first Wiki, Wikipedia’s policies, OO Design, CoffeeScript, and Perl. He is also known for coining … read more


Webinar – Identifying & Tracking Technical Debt (IEEE Software)

By Alexandra Szynkarski • May 7, 2012

Last year, Dr. Carolyn Seaman and Dr. Nico Zazworka hosted an extremely informative webinar on “Managing and Measuring Technical Debt” as part of the … read more


Paying Down the Technical Debt Interest on your Applications — Dr. Bill Curtis

By Alexandra Szynkarski • March 30, 2012

Bill Curtis-Paying Down Interest on Technical Debt Applications

A Guide to Measuring & Managing Technical Debt
In this just-released white paper, Dr. Bill Curtis – SVP and Chief Scientist at CAST – examines … read more


Part II: Practical Examples of Paying Down Technical Debt

By Robert Seder • March 26, 2012

Technical Debt Vicious Cycle

Technical Debt exists in many forms. Perhaps the most common concerns software maintainability. Code that is difficult to maintain is more expensive to maintain, … read more


Part I: Practical Examples of Paying Down Technical Debt

By Robert Seder • March 21, 2012

Technical Debt-Code-Example 5

There is a fantastic book out called Brownfield Application Development, by Donald Belcham and Kyle Baley. This book talks about software changeability and software … read more


Paying Off Technical Debt in Messy Code

By Alexandra Szynkarski • February 13, 2012

Technical Debt Sticky Notes

Tobias Mayer, ScrumMaster and Coach, has put together a very insightful blog post (on Agile Anarchy) which describes how he worked with a team … read more