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Is the Bimodal IT Approach an Invitation to Failure?

By Frances Lash • November 16, 2016

There’s bad news ahead for organizations that focused on a bimodal IT approach. According to research firm IDC by 2019 80% of those firms … read more


The Technical Debt Management Cycle, from CISQ

By • December 10, 2012


This is a presentation from CISQ, the Consortium for IT Software Quality, which presents the Technical Debt management cycle on how to evaluate the … read more


3 Concepts to Aid Developers in Addressing Technical Debt

By • April 6, 2012

Technical Debt and Developers

There are a couple of blog posts out there that talk about the developer’s perspective on technical debt. I find this topic especially interesting … read more


Webinar – Technical Debt: Just Put It on My Tab

By • January 5, 2012

Technical Debt Webinar

IHRIM (International Association for Human Resource Information Management) organized a webinar on Wednesday February 8th (11am – 12pm CST) for HR and IT professionals that execute on … read more


Dealing with Technical Debt, an Agile Horror Story

By • December 14, 2011

Technical Debt Horror Story with Agile

Mark J Balbes has an excellent article which talks about his experience with Technical Debt and how his team of engineering experts found themselves … read more


The Scourge of HRM Software — Technical Debt

By • December 13, 2011

HRM Design Debt

Great vendors are dealing with Technical Debt through ongoing refactoring and re-design of their current software, and when needed, the rebuilding and re-architecting of … read more


The Other Debt Crisis: Technical Debt in Software Vendors

By • December 13, 2011

Technical Debt

Looking at technical debt and software vendors can be a scary picture. The reality of the situation is that not all vendors handle their … read more