Stop Paying Back Technical Debt, Accumulate Technical Wealth

By Frances Lash • September 22, 2016

Remodelling software should be done in the same mindset under which we remodel a house: to make it last longer and run better. Companies … read more


Is The Impact Of Technical Debt The Same Everywhere?

By Frances Lash • May 11, 2015


Technical debt is defined, in this post, as any code that impedes agility as a project matures. This is an important definition to keep … read more


Microservices Architecture & Reducing Technical Debt

By Frances Lash • February 13, 2015

Paying off technical debt, according to this post, can be made easier with microservices architecture. When building a code base, eventually, trade-offs between quality … read more


Software Process and Measurement Cast 301: Technical Debt Essay

By Frances Lash • August 19, 2014

Here’s a podcast of an essay on technical debt that delves into the reality of using technical debt and the payment of that debt. … read more


Conference – The Software Quality Days 2013

By • December 19, 2012

Software Quality Days Conference 2013

Software Quality Days is one of the biggest software quality and testing conferences, and will be taking place this year in January 2013, in … read more


RBS-NatWest Outage: What Really Happened

By • June 27, 2012

NatWest technical debt

‘This is my personal opinion based on what I read from comments to articles in The Guardian, The Register and other online sources.’
I don’t … read more


Software Experts Summit 2012 – Mastering Uncertainty in the Software Industry

By • May 15, 2012

IEEE Computer Society-Technical Debt

The IEEE Computer Society and IEEE Software magazine come together once a year to present a one-day Software Experts Summit. This year’s summit will … read more


IBM Virtual Event – Looking inside the Box, an Important Application Testing Complement

By • April 4, 2012

IBM Innovation Series on Technical Debt

What is contributing to the $2.4M in technical debt in an average application of 510K lines of code?
Less than 30% of production failures are … read more


Technical Debt vs. ROI: Your Code May Be Elegant…

By • March 7, 2012

Technical Debt vs. ROI

There are two ways of constructing a software design: One way is to make it so simple that there are obviously no deficiencies and … read more


Conference – A Tester’s Guide to Technical Debt

By • March 7, 2012

Software Testing Professionals

This year’s STP Conference (Software Test Professionals) is dedicating a full session on Technical Debt: “A Tester’s Guide to Identifying, Managing, & Eliminating Technical … read more