Technical Debt: CISQ Releases New Standard to Define and Measure Technical Debt

By Jodi Rosenblum • January 2, 2018


Technical Debt standards have been debated for many years.  And now CISQ (Consortium for IT Software Quality) has released standard that not only measures … read more


Technical Debt Measurement Webinar: Reversal Strategy Q&A Follow Up

By Frances Lash • August 26, 2014

CAST-Technical debt

Here’s a post from a while back that follows up the Q&A of the webinar we posted on how to reverse your technical debt. … read more


Webinar – How Automation Reveals Technical Debt

By • March 19, 2012

UrbanCode Webinar on Technical Debt

UrbanCode held an hour-long webinar on Thursday, March 29, dedicated to Technical Debt and test automation: “How Automation Reveals Technical Debt”. Eric Minick (lead … read more


Webinar – Technical Debt: Just Put It on My Tab

By • January 5, 2012

Technical Debt Webinar

IHRIM (International Association for Human Resource Information Management) organized a webinar on Wednesday February 8th (11am – 12pm CST) for HR and IT professionals that execute on … read more


Webinar – Managing Technical Debt With Agile

By • January 1, 2012

Synerzip-Managing Technical Debt Webinar

Synerzip – an Agile Product Development Company – held an hour-long free webinar on how to manage Technical Debt when using Agile development on … read more


Webinar – The CRASH Report 2011/2012

By • December 19, 2011

CRASH Report-Technical Debt

In this webinar, Dr. Bill Curtis, Senior Vice-President and Chief-Scientist at CAST Software, discusses the recently published study of software quality trends in IT: … read more


Webinar – Technical Debt: The High Cost of Future Change

By • December 15, 2011

Collabnet-Technical Debt

In this session, held on December 10, 2011, long-time developer and recovering software architect Michael James explores recent discoveries about technical debt, and what … read more


Webinar – Managing Technical Debt with Steve McConnell

By • December 10, 2011

Construx-Technical Debt

In this one-hour webinar, which took place on December 7, 2011, author and software engineer Steve McConnell explains in detail the different types of technical … read more


Webinar – Technical Debt with Gary Short

By • December 9, 2011

This webinar was held November 30, 2010 by Gary Short, technical evangelist from DevExpress. It’s great for those looking to understand the basics of Technical Debt. He covers … read more