Software Debt & Design Debt Overview

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Confronting Technical Debt

By Frances Lash | August 28, 2014

There are a lot of posts out there that talk about how to handle technical debt so it doesn’t get out of control and start to affect your system’s performance. This post does address the reality off paying of technical debt, but also goes into detail of how to know where to start refactoring for ... read more

Technical Debt & Quality – Binary Thinking in an Analog World

By Frances Lash | August 27, 2014

Form Follows Function - All Things Architectural.clipular
This is really great post that discusses the idea that ‘quality is not negotiable’ and that ‘only technical debt enthusiasts believe that’. The post states that deciding what is negotiable isn’t really the decision of the developer – because they are not paying for the work, and that by ‘negotiating’ quality they are not tech ... read more

Technical Debt Measurement Webinar: Reversal Strategy Q&A Follow Up

By Frances Lash | August 26, 2014

CAST-Technical debt
Here’s a post from a while back that follows up the Q&A of the webinar we posted on how to reverse your technical debt. The post focuses on how to set up a technical debt measurement program, what tools to use, and how to manage the results you’ve generated from your tech debt measurement program. ... read more

Technical Debt – Why not just do the work better?

By Frances Lash | August 25, 2014

Here is a post that answers the question: why not just do the work better in order to avoid technical debt? Here it is explained that technical debt is not necessarily consciously done poor work (in the mode of code shortcuts) but also a result of many uncontrollable factors – such as the intrusion of ... read more

Technical Debt – What it is and What to do about it

By Frances Lash | August 21, 2014

Technical Debt - What it is and what to do about it - Iasa Global.clipular
This is a post that goes over what technical debt is, and what to do about it – while drawing away from the common misconceptions of the term. The post begins by quoting the definition of technical debt by Steve McConnell: “a design or construction approach that’s expedient in the short term but that creates ... read more

Software Process and Measurement Cast 301: Technical Debt Essay

By Frances Lash | August 19, 2014

Here’s a podcast of an essay on technical debt that delves into the reality of using technical debt and the payment of that debt. Thomas Cagely, the host, goes on to describe the practice of documentation, auditing, standards and processes maintenance, and technical debt ‘sizing and valuing’. He mentions possible strategies to maintain software, and ... read more

Bankrolling Technical Debt: A Financier’s Guide

By Frances Lash | August 18, 2014

Wall Street & Technology - Connecting The Financial IT Community.clipular
The metaphor of technical debt was borrowed from the financial sphere in order to explain this very important concept in technology. Here is a post, from WallStreet and Technology, that uses more financial terms to further clarify what technical debt is and what it entails. In this post, technical debt is defined as: ” the effort required ... read more

Effective Teams; Always Releasable

By Frances Lash | July 3, 2014

CoC vs. Responsiveness to change
Here is a short and sweet post in a series about effective development teams. The content of the article is pretty standard technical debt overview. First, that what often prevents teams from achieving their optimal goals is their software. Software that is burdened with loose ends in the source code or where there is too ... read more

Technical Debt 101: More Haste, Less Speed

By Frances Lash | June 30, 2014

Brazilian Favelas
This is a really interesting post (which cites our interview with Steve McConnell on how to communicate technical debt) that delves into the culture surrounding technical debt management. Using comparisons to civil engineering and biblical references, this post goes deep into the analogy of technical debt. The debt analogy has been used to explain to non-technical ... read more

Technical Debt: What, Why, and How

By Frances Lash | June 25, 2014

steve mconnell
Here’s post that was cited in the article we recommended previously (Architectural Debt and Moving to Software-defined Architectures) that gives a clear and detailed description of technical debt. Technical debt is broken down, by Steve Mconnell CEO at Construx,  into two basic types: debt incurred unintentionally (the result of unplanned poor work) and debt incurred intentionally ... read more